Things to do in Flat Rock NC

About Flat Rock, NC

The Village of Flat Rock is built around a tremendous outcrop of granite that is said to have been the site of Cherokee Indian gatherings as well as a site used by early traders. The main rock is mostly flat and large portions remain exposed on the grounds of the Flat Rock Playhouse. Thus the community became known as Flat Rock.

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Visit the historic home of one of America's most famous poets. See the goats, direct descendants of Mrs. Sandburg's. Plus, hike to the top of Big Glassy.

Carl Sandburg Home

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See some of Broadway's best produced and played by great local talent.

Flat Rock Theater

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You will not be able to find BBQ like this anywhere else. The Carolina style pulled pork is fantastic, but the selection of delicious sides is almost better.

Hubba Hubba BBQ